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Prayer Study Course By Kenneth E. Hagin

The Bible Prayer Study Course By Kenneth Hagin is a "must read" for all new Christians and Christians new to the Word if they need understanding for answered prayer. It's not possible to be an effective Christian if you can't pray and receive or if you don't know how to pray for others.

There are many forms of prayer and principles to pray them effectively.  Pastor Kenneth E. Hagin takes the believer through each type of prayer and explains it's use and how to use the scriptural principles to insure answered prayer. 

I read the Bible Prayer Study Course when I was new to faith over twenty-five years ago.  The fact that Kenneth Hagin's books are still being read all over the world since the 1970's is a great testimony for their effectiveness.  The reason being is because they're completely based upon God's Word. 

I had serious health issues when I learned about the teachings of Kenneth Hagin.  I purchased all of His study courses and found them all to work together for prayer and scriptural healing.  They helped me understand God's Word for prayer and to develop the faith I needed for healing. 

The Bible Healing Study Course helped me to understand the various types of healing and As I grew in faith with Kenneth's Hagin's faith course I was able to not only receive answered prayer for healing and to receive God's blessings, but I was able to help others do the same.  

If you want to be a victorious Christian, I recommend each of these courses.  They will open the door for a better understanding of God's Word to be blessed and to be a blessing.