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How To Keep Your Healing

How To Keep Your Healing by Pastor Kenneth E. Hagin is a short book that cost less than two dollars but it has great value for Christians who feel challenged to keep their healing. 

Christians who are healed by faith in God can be tempted by Satan to believe that whatever sickness or disease they had will return.  How To Keep Your Healing teaches principles that will change this specific negative thinking so that one can be assured that they received healing through Jesus Christ and how they can remain healed.

I read this book many years ago when I felt concerned that I might lose the healing God had given me.  Kenneth Hagin had a way of writing that leaves a person filled with faith that God's Word is true now and forever!  I felt the assurance that God's Word has life and not death and as long as we trust in God His Word in us will insure that we remain in good health, healed of anything that tries to come against us.

I read How To Keep Your Healing over thirty years ago and I'm still well and healthy.  In fact for my age of 68 I'm strong, and capable of living a life of a much younger person.  Thanks to this little book, I never questioned any healing I had received from God again!  

If you're concerned that you may lose your healing or you've lost it already, you can take it back!  Learn how with this simple-to-read book that will affect your future health and well-being.  I highly recommend this dynamic little book!  Get How To Keep Your Healing if you feel afraid that you may lost what God has given you.  -Margaret Lukasik


If you've ever doubted that God has healed you of any sickness, disease or problem, How To Keep Your Healing by Kenneth E. Hagin will turn your thinking around and keep you in faith that you are healed now and forever! I've read this book when I was new to faith for healing and it helped me be assured of my healing.