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Child Tithing Banks

Child Tithing Banks have 4 compartments which teach them how to save, spend, invest and give which teaches the 70-10-10-10 method of money management.  I've purchased the banks for my grandchildren and have sold them on my sites for over 7 years and they remain a popular product for children. 

What makes the banks so popular for Christian parents is that the 4-compartments make it easy to divide a child's money into the different slots for saving, spending, investing and giving.  From a very young age a child can learn the importance of taking control of their money rather than spending every penney they receive. 

Christian parents can use the "giving" slot for teaching about giving offerings when attending church and the "investing" slot for tithing.  However, the bank is flexible for parents to decide how they want their child to use the investing and giving slots.   I do suggest that a discussion about the bank between parent and child occur concerning how it works and what it means to use each part of the bank. 

It's also important before your child begins using the Child Tithing Banks, to teach them tithing and giving offerings.  Keep your teaching based upon scripture from the Bible to help them understand what it means to give to God.  The smaller the child the simpler the discussion, but children are always exciting to take part in something their parents tell them is important and helpful to their lives.  It's also important the children see their parents follow the same example. 


This Detail Will Give You A Visual For How The Child Tithing Banks Work:

  • 10% to God for tithing Invest  
  • 10% giving offerings Save     
  • 10% for their future Spend   
  • 70% for wants, needs, gifts


To learn more about how to have a discussion with your children about the banks and to insure that they continue using the banks, visit my site which gives teaching instruction.  Go to Child Money Management System.  Go to New Testament Tithing to learn more about giving tithes.